We Take Safety Seriously

PO Global Logistics believe that all injuries can be prevented and that no task is so important that it cannot be done safely. This underpins our belief that everyone has the right to go home safely, and together we make it happen.

Being Safe is being wise.

Safety is something that should be considered in every aspect of our lives.

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Fundamental to achieving this vision is holding each worker, including management, responsible and accountable for health and safety, providing training to work safely and enabling consultation and engagement. Working safely is a condition of all employment arrangements.

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At PO Global Logistics Nigeria Limited, we undertake to:

• Drive compliance of all statutory requirements and industry standards

• Constant engagement with employees, contractors, customers and visitors understand their obligations with respect to health and safety

• Ensure an operating framework that involves health and safety standards, practices and procedures are developed, implemented and reviewed periodically

• Provide the enabling and conducive environment for safety

• Constantly identifying workplace potential hazards, reviewing incidents, identifying incident trends and managing workplace health and safety risks

• Provide the necessary health and safety training, instruction and supervision to all who carry out work in our business

• Promote continuous improvement through the setting of measurable and achievable health and safety objectives

• Promote ongoing monitoring, auditing and review of health and safety performance and management systems

• Demonstrate effective safety leadership

• Create and implement a governance structure that defines our health and safety responsibilities and accountabilities