About Us

Our Story

PO Global Logistics is a Professional Logistics and Supply Chain Limited Liability Company that has continued to provide professional logistics solutions and services to its clients. We also offer other important related services to our clients such as advise on preparation of final import/export related documents, completion of appraisement and examination formalities and payments.

We have experience in handling all sorts of imports and Exports whether Temporary Importation,diplomatic cargo, Repair and Return,or normal clearance basis cleared on payment of taxes, covered by various bonds or on approved tax exemptions.

Our Mission

To provide a consistent reliable, efficient, quality and value-add logistics and supply chain solutions and services to our clients in order for them to meet their company goals and supersede their expectations and targets.

Our Core Values

In order to provide top quality service, we are bound and motivated by our values


We believe in providing tailor made solutions to our clients by using personal approach for each client thereby becoming a part of their team and are able to meet up with set out targets.

Our People

We take pride in the expertise of our people and leverage on their potentials by constantly training and engaging them.

We believe in sharing ideas and knowledge and collaborate while also respecting eachother.


By complying with all statutory requirements and industry standards, we are bound by our Service levels, contracts, integrity and diligence.

We take full responsibility for our clients cargos with an end-to-end approach.